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A Graduate in Yoga Education (India and Toronto) and Yoga Therapy (India) Justin sees Yoga as a complimentary health care system that can create a harmonious balance in one’s life. Justin believes yoga to be a continuous therapy that allows us to deepen, strengthen and heal the inner relationship with ourselves, with other human beings and our planet at large. He believes it allows us to get grounded, present and still; and provides us with a platform to be consistently wiping our lens clean… to be able to move out into our world with a greater sense of awareness, connection and empathy.

Although Justin has been a student of Yoga for over a decade it wasn’t until his own personal experience with testicular cancer in 2007 did his relationship to the practice transform into a profoundly passionate commitment. This experience led Justin to India where he healed, studied and discovered the practice over the course of a two year period; allowing him to really explore and deepen his bond to this ancient tradition. Seeing and experiencing the transformative qualities of the practice first hand, Justin now dedicates his life to helping others evolve, discover and tap into the miraculous and exhilarating daily health benefits of practicing yoga, meditation and massage. 

Justin always approaches his classes with joyful energy, humour, and with a compassionate intelligent touch. His steady pace, balanced sequencing, and attention to detail encourage students to move slowly, deeply, and mindfully. Justin creates an environment for his student’s that is warm, open and very nurturing.

Justin teaches and specializes in Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Justin teaches a variety of classes, workshops and teacher training/experiences in Toronto and globally. He is also one of the only teachers in Canada to host Yoga Adventure Retreats to India. Justin has taught and continues to teach at various Yoga Conferences and Festivals, including the Toronto Yoga Conference, Wanderlust, Camp Yoga and the Muskoka Yoga Festival. 

He has also developed and created a Hot Stone Restorative Experience that combines hot volcanic mineral rocks and the restorative Yog practice. It is a grounding, healing and a very powerful new integrative form of Yoga therapy. He has recently started integrating his massage training and now offers hot stone massages as well out of his private studio space.

Justin was the Program Curator of the Muskoka Yoga Festival, but has now shifted his passion for experience curation to retreat facilitation and design.  This includes both group and private retreat experiences in India and across Asia. He is a longtime lululemon Ambassador and has previously volunteered for the Roots Village Project, PWA of Toronto, 2.0 Toronto. Justin offers immense gratitude to all his teachers that have shared their love and knowledge so that he can bring passion, warmth and knowledge to every class: Mr. Vishwas Vasant Mandlik, Kate Woodworth, Yogi Amit, Seane Corn, Hali Schwartz, Jesse Enright, Pat Harada Linfoot, Scott Davis, Alix Bemrose, Marianne Williamson and YuMee Chung. He currently studies with Annie Carpenter and Judith Hanson Lasater. He also regularly assists Seane Corn. 



"Offering our presence is a huge currency, a huge provision.

It is offering love itself."

- Alanis Morrisette

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