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"India’s Yoga and Adventure with Justin is an experience like no other. Well researched and curated, the best way to explore the motherland.  I joined Justin three times and always felt safe and well taken care of from the morning practices, to the days filled with excursions and trips, to evening family dinners.


And Justin’s humor, upbeat and caring personality is shining through it all."


- Vera Strnad

"It was an incredible experience to see India through Justin’s eyes. His great love for the country combined with his extensive travel experience within India made it a dream trip.  


The itinerary was thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted with love, making it an experience you will never forget. It was a perfect mix of adventure, enchantment, yoga, and relaxation."


- Mou Mukherjee

"I had been wanting to go to India for years, and Justin’s adventure retreat was the perfect way to do it. Not only was everything carefully and thoughtfully  planned out for us, but it was just the right balance of structure and exploration, of stepping out of our comfort zone and feeling safe, and of laughter and introspection. It was a wonderful way to discover an amazing country while also discovering parts of ourselves. The itinerary was varied and fascinating, the group exceeded expectations, and of course the yoga was exactly what we needed. It was truly a once in a lifetime trip."


- Mariane St-Maurice

"India has always seemed a bit intimidating to me and I did not have it on my bucket list until I heard about the India adventure retreat Justin Haley has organized for the last number of years. I have never really travelled with a group but felt that it would be a safe way to see India. Not knowing what to expect, I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire trip - from the friendship, to the wonderful cuisines and the well planned itinerary. Justin has put a lot of thoughts into the choice of destinations, Yoga practice, restaurants and travel arrangements. We as a group felt safe the entire time and had an absolute blast."


- Theresa Tsiang

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